Catholic Vocabulary Word Wall

Are you looking for your students to have a deeper understanding of the Catholic words? Look no further than this amazing set of words for your new Catholic Word Wall! With over 100 words to pick from, your students will learn so much about their faith!

You’ll receive 104¬†Catholic vocabulary words¬†included in this set- advent, almsgiving, altar, altar bells, altar server, ambo, angel, apostle, Ash Wednesday, ashes, baptism, baptismal font, Bethlehem, bible, bishop, book of Gospels, cantor, Cardinal, chalice, Christmas, church, ciborium, conclave, Confirmation, consecration, corporal, crucifix, cruet, deacon, donkey, Easter, Eucharist, fasting, forgive, God, Golgotha, Good Friday, Holy Communion, Holy Orders, Holy Saturday, Holy Spirit, Holy Thursday, holy water holy water font, Holy Week, hope, host, Jesus, Joseph, joy, Kingdom of God, laity, Last rites, lector, Lent, liturgy, love, Magi, manger, Mary, mass, Matrimony, new testament, offertory table, old testament, original sin, palm, Palm Sunday, parish, paschal candle, Passover, pastor, paten, peace, penance, pew, pink, pope, prayer, prepare, presider’s chair, priest, purificator, purple, Reconciliation, resurrection, sacrament, sacramentary, sanctuary, sanctuary lamp, shepherds, sin, stable, tabernacle, tomb, Triduum, usher, vestments, violet, wait, wine, wreath

There are two versions of each word. The primary grades version includes the word and an image. The upper elementary version includes the word, image, and an explanation or bible verse.

Also included with this resource are the letters “Catholic Word Wall” to create a bulletin board.

I plan to add words every few months. If you are looking for a specific word or words to be added, please contact me at [email protected]